Who Is Coker Photo?

 Clay Coker, Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor, created Coker Photo to provide support, training and coaching for Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and photography.

Clay saw the need from the beginner to the pro. Many thousands of image are now being taken with smart phones and the amateur's library of images is growing fast and are getting lost even faster.


Many Intermediate photographers are now learning to use better tools and software to catch up and surpass many pro level photographers.


Now pro level photographer can no longer keep shooting the same style, with the same vision, and they must continue to learn new creative skills without just using the same 3rd party filters that many other photographers use.


Beginner photographers can now learn to organize the huge number of images they are shooting. The Intermediate photographer can now train to keep up and perhaps outshine the pro level photographer. Finally the pro can now excel in their industry and keep on the cutting edge.




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