Single Support Events

Support is for those immediate "fast help needed" situations for help with your Lightroom, Photoshop and photography training questions or issues.


Rate: $125 per hour

On-Location - 2 hour minimum

On-Line - 1 hour minimum

Email Support - $25 per event

VIP Training Membership




The VIP Training Membership is for those wanting continuous learning and growth with their photographic image creation. This includes developing their skills with their equipment, software, and creative expression through their images.


You choose what to learn, and at what pace, on your Mac or PC. Learn the set-up, work-flow, image organization, updates, and the technology side. You may just want to focus on developing your creative style or perhaps just get your growing storage of smartphone images under control.


Choose your where you start to learn, from professional retouching or just making your fun images looking better?


VIP Training

Gets You:

VIP Rate: $99 per hour

On-Location - 2 hour minimum

On-Line - 1 hour minimum

Online Priority VIP Help Center

(VIP Help Center - after hours questions and help service - go to Coker Photo and enter you VIP# on the bottom right in VIP Help Center)

VIP Blog Forum - Q&A Resource



Call or email today for details on how you can become a VIP training member.

Coaching Program

The Coaching Program is for those serious and dedicated to a goal or objective with their personal or business photography image creation.


Call for pricing on customizable and personal coaching programs.

All VIP Member Benefits

Unlimited Email Support Events

Phone appt. access with coach

VIP rate - $99 per hour

VIP Blog Forum - Q&A Resource

Coaching Accountability Plan

(with Active PDF)




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